How many HCI research labs are there in Italy?

SIGCHI-Italy maintains a list of existing HCI-related research labs in Italy as a reference for people interested collaborations.

The next slides summarise the collected data

HCI Research Labs in Italy

We received a total of 28 HCI research labs descriptions. Below you can see where they are located.

Hosting Departments

% of the labs are hosted in Computer Science or Engineering Departments.
% are instead hosted in Psychology or Cognitive Science Departments.

Research Topics

The word cloud represents the research keywords in our HCI labs.
We included only keywords appearing in at least two lab descriptions.

Number of Members

The chart shows how many labs have a given number of members.

Gender of the Lab Members

% of lab members are males, while % are females.
Please consider that we infer the gender from the first name and it is not related with the members' identity.